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North Carolina's Waterfalls: A Best-Kept Secret

The Western North Carolina area is simply breathtaking. Its tree-covered peaks are memorialized in postcards, on t-shirts, and in the minds of visitors and residents, but the mountains offer more than just scenic views. When mountain rivers run through the elevated terrain, cascading waters create breathtaking waterfalls in all shapes and sizes. 

North Carolina is known for its waterfalls — hundreds of them! — and each resident has a favorite that they frequent for the tranquil setting, a reward for a challenging hike, or a refreshing natural pool to cool off during the summer. Have you visited all of North Carolina's waterfalls? 

Complete Your NC Waterfalls Bucket List

Want to live like a local? You will want to visit many of North Carolina's iconic waterfalls and experiences, from Sliding Rock to Looking Glass Falls to Linville Falls. But these waterfalls — including Glen Falls, Cashers Sliding Rock (not to be confused with the other Sliding Rock), Moore Cove, and Courthouse Falls — are the state's best-kept secret. Next time you take a road trip to North Carolina's waterfalls, take this local area map and check these essential local experiences off your bucket list in less than a day.

Want detailed driving directions? View step-by-step directions to these waterfalls on Jackson County's website.

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